Trading Risk Control

Risk  management control

Software supports the functional trading and Risk Management

Diamond Future Trading software is an advanced automated trading system for diamond-currency trading.
The software trades Diamond-currency using new prediction methodology and an advanced capital management System.The trading algorithm was developed and tested by financial experts and economists. It includes a particular prediction methodology based on the price momentum and risk management Model.

The software includes an advanced mathematical model with a special safety mechanism to ensure a small drawdown for each exposed capital level. The idea of this software is to predict and follow the main trend. The mathematical algorithm locates the most significant trends and opens long transactions. Using the particular methodology to measure the power of trend and the trades are kept open only if the trends is strong enough.

The target price for each trade is not a fixed value, it depend on the market behavior and price volatility. Using a dynamic stop loss algorithm, this trading Software offers zero risk trades. An advanced capital management algorithm guard to keep the capital exposure in a limits invest by the investors. Software supports the functional trading and risk management. Risk Management tools that deliver greater security and minimum risk

Midascopi has the Following Risk Controls


   Software Based Checks and Controls, Automated tools


   Stop Loss & Take profit and margine Overvied and tolls


   Free risk management consultation


   Identify areas where you might be exposed


   Clarify the goals that you want to achieve.


   Increased Visibility with built in reporting tools

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