Trading Risk Control

Risk  management control

Software supports the functional trading and Risk Management

Midascopi has its own Risk Management Team to overview the Risk Control and Minimize the Risk. We have partnership with corporations around the world to create minimum risk mitigation strategies. Options strategies allow you to concentrate on your day-to-day business, safe in the knowledge that you have managed your Diamond Future Trading risk and given yourself the chance to benefit from opportunities, without paying for the privilege.

The result of this work is a custom Diamond risk management strategy. This enable you to minimize your risk and exposure at every level. Midascopi Software has its own tool that automatically write-off if your capital value values down below 25%. Software supports the functional trading and risk management. Risk Management tools that deliver greater security and minimum risk

Midascopi has the Following Risk Controls

   Software Based Checks and Controls, Automated tools

   Stop Loss & Take profit and margine Overvied and tolls

   Free risk management consultation

   Identify areas where you might be exposed

   Clarify the goals that you want to achieve.

   Increased Visibility with built in reporting tools

You will find our approach is truly refreshing. Conscientious and responsible, we build long-term and rewarding relationships with our clients.