Diamond single future contract Trading

Diamond single future contract (DSFC) Trading

Midascopi Diamond exchange provides diamond with Single future contracts in the world major currencies. These currencies are most traded in the world. .

Midascopi offer these contracts for trading and hedging in a secure environment. The contracts are deliverable and hence ideal for investors.

When an investor has a long margin account, he or she may borrowing part of the money to buy stock, using the stock as collateral.

•  Compared to buying stock on margin, investing in DSFCs is less costly. An investor can use leverage to control more stock with a smaller cash outlay.

•  Taking a short position in DSFCs is simpler, less costly and may be executed at any time - there is no requirement for an uptick.

•   investor who is long in DSFCs can only lose what he or she has invested, do not need to pay any extra money, in case of loss.