About us

About  Midascopi

World’s first diamond based Commodity Trading Exchange

Midascopi is the world’s first electronic Diamond Trading platform. Midascopi is the world first software which allow traders,
Buy and Sell diamond electronically. Midascopi provide currency pairs with diamond (in all grade and in all shape and size)
with just single click traders can use this cutting-edge technologies that could make trade more efficient. Currency pairs with

                                                 Successful Financial professionals and traders from around the world have chosen the Midascopi Diamond Trading platform
                                                 for trading Diamond Electronically. Midascopi offer Diamond Future and Diamond Option. The platform offers advanced
                                                 electronic financial trading system as well as superior tools for technical and fundamental analysis. In addition to the technology,
                                                 the platform is available on the web and can be accessed from any device.

Advisory  Members

Our Advisory services help you on your trading and investment

David Horton

David was working for several banks like Barclays, HSBC as a chief currency analyst. He has more than 35 years of experience in foreign exchange, financial risk management and expertise in antimony laundering...


John has worked for over 3 years. John is African National. John is one of the director and founding member. He is responsible for the development of this idea and his continuous efforts lead us here today.

Mark. K

Mark has Excellent Experience in Financial Market and he has worked as a Senior Advisory Board Member in Future and Finance Market. He is working with us as a Senior Advisory Member in Diamond Future Trading.

Details of Midascopi

Know our Mission, Team & Technology

Our mission is to create the world’s first diamond based Commodities Trading Exchange to provide compatibility between currencies and physical diamond and make it possible amongst all transacting parties to use Midascopi platform to buy and sell diamond comfortably.
We are ensured, Midascopi chronicles this century for its impactful contribution to the world of trade and technology.
Midascopi believe in Precision with Performance.

Clients trust that our point of view are rooted in depth of experience. But this doesn't stop our talented teams in over 4 countries around the globe, there main objective is researching and tailoring every best possible solution to serve our client needs. The service we provide and the solution we develop are considered as very focused and the long term basis. We see righteousness on the basis of long-term trusted relationships and a progressive business. This is reflected in an extraordinary personal commitment to our clients' challenges and consistently high execution standards in everything we do.
Midascopi has industries brightest minds. It is their skills and experiences that makes us one of the unique and independent financial service prodders.

Midascopi provide so many charts and different features they can be opened in the platform to enable monitoring of all financial instruments. Midascopi charting system include 5 time frame, from one-minute to one-month, these diversity of time frames allows examine short term to long term pricing fluctuation and upcoming trends. Midascopi platform is available on the web and can be accessed from any device. Midascopi also provide over 20 built-in technical indicators and analytical tools for the most detailed price analysis. Traders can downloaded these indicators, purchase or order for customize solution.
Midascopi will prepare our trader for any big market change.

• Leverage: Compared to buying stock on margin, investing in DSFCs is less costly. An investor can use leverage to control more stock with a smaller cash outlay.

• Ease of Shorting: Taking a short position in DSFCs is simpler, less costly and may be executed at any time - there is no requirement for an uptick.

• Flexibility: DSFC investors can use the instruments to speculate, hedge, spread or use in a large array of sophisticated strategies.

• stock collateral: When an investor has a long margin account, he or she may borrowing part of the money to buy stock, using the stock as collateral.

• Risk: An investor who is long in DSFCs can only lose what he or she has invested, do not need to pay any extra money.

• Obligation: The investor has the right but not the obligation to purchase or deliver stock.

• Premium: In DSFC the investors require an initial margin deposit and a specific cash maintenance level. There is no premium required.